Praise for Joy’s Edge

“…While this isn’t a memoir per se, King’s autobiographical details add a wonderfully engaging element to the how-to guide, because they showcase a relatable and achievable journey to mindfulness. King is no preachy Pollyanna; instead, she acknowledges her own pull toward “monkey mind” as well as the challenges in often having to go to the edge of one’s comfort zone to transform. While her exercises may seem a bit repetitive at times, they also underscore the important core elements of effective meditation practice, and her sequence of activities provides a helpful road map by which to foster self-awareness and growth. Inspiring and practical meditation primer.”
Kirkus Reviews


I challenge you to read Joy’s Edge, work the exercises, and let the wisdom permeate your life. I guarantee you will be changed, as I was changed.

From the forward by Pamela M. Kircher, MD, author of Love is the Link: A Hospice Doctor Shares her Experience of Near-Death and Dying


Joy’s Edge contains all you need to transform your life from the inside out. Combining ancient truths from the world’s spiritual traditions with contemporary scientific research, Ms. King offers you grounded but powerful tools for aligning your life with your deepest spiritual yearnings. Each chapter explores a different step in this process, and includes detailed exercises for putting it into practice. Every page shines with the energy of true awakening, wisdom, and happiness. A gem!

—Lisa Erickson, Author of Women’s Energetics, Buddhism editor for, and founder of the women’s spirituality blog Mommy Mystic


Joy’s Edge is a personable guide to transformation. Robin King is a gifted writer, able to encapsulate the core components of mindfulness, acceptance, and compassion. The powerful exploration exercises provide a practical roadmap to living an authentic life.”

Mark Miesel, PhD, Sport and Performance Psychologist


“If you know in your heart that we are meant to live a life of joy and meaning, but you are not currently experiencing either at the level you desire, I highly recommend reading Joy’s Edge. It is a beautiful balance of various teachings and modalities weaved in with the author’s own life experiences. Robin King offers simple practical tools you can implement right away, no matter where you are on life’s path, to live the highest expression of you.

Mark Porteous, Author of The Human Experience and co-founder of Max Your Life, LLC


“Robin King’s writing is very clear and I love the personal examples she gives. I hope to implement some of the techniques myself, and I feel that mindfulness may help some of my patients dealing with emotional pain in a very unconscious fashion. They usually present with somatic complaints, stress, insomnia, etc… and want a pill to make it all go away. Some are lucky enough to find and be able to afford a good therapist, but for the rest a book like this may be very helpful.”

—Yana Finkelshteyn, MD


I was so inspired by this book! Robin King is able to weave introspective exercises, anecdotes and philosophy into a beautifully crafted narrative that was a pleasure to read. Chapters and topics in the book flowed effortlessly and purposefully. Joy’s Edge gave me perspective and relevance for my own life, without being preachy or judgmental. As a skeptic of life coaching/ self improvement books in general, imagine my surprise at not being able to put this one down (even from my tiny iPhone screen)! I am grateful for having read this book, and for the gentle push to strive for joy in my life. I congratulate my extremely talented cousin Robin for finding her passion in writing. This book has universal appeal and I highly recommend it to all!

—Rachel Merva

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