Welcoming transformation

I am so happy to be writing once again, after quite a summer of fluidity! I am excited to have a place to call home once more, and a computer that seems to be back in working order.

Welcoming Transformation
Over these last few months, I experienced a powerful invitation for change…  an invitation that I embraced wholeheartedly, trusting that my intuition is pointing me along a path towards tremendous opportunities for growth for myself and my family.

After living in Fort Collins, a lovely Colorado college town, for several years, I suddenly felt a strong impulse to move to Colorado’s Western Slope, nestled in the valley of two flowing rivers.  To make the move, I did the work of a general contractor, pulling together a dozen professionals to update my 60 year old house, readying it to sell.

The process offered numerous opportunities for learning about assertiveness, confidence, practical choices, and house repair. I also learned a lot about paring back – getting rid of about half of my belongings, and streamlining what was left to the essentials needed while traveling with my dogs in my car during the weeks when I was between homes.

Initially, it was unclear where we’d end up, and there were several hiccups along the way.  And yet, now that we’ve landed, what a wonderful place to be!  I love waking up surrounded by red cliffs (the picture above is a view from my window), and I can already see ways in which I can bring real value to my clients at my new position.  I feel tremendous enthusiasm and gratitude for where I am and for the possibilities ahead.

Effecting Change
When you see an invitation for change, are you willing to take it?  If you see an opportunity for beneficial transformation, are you willing to step forward? Especially when you know that you just don’t know how things will turn out, are you willing to take a leap of faith?

Sometimes change appears as invitations that we can easily refuse: slight adjustments to our schedules and routines that may provide unexpected joy, such as by making new friends or accepting new challenges at work.  Sometimes change is much more insistent, such as through unexpected inheritance or pregnancy, or by getting laid off or losing a house to wildfire. For me, I had a quiet realization that a fundamental shift was necessary for my next flowering.

However it happens, it is lovely to discover what unexpected beauty can unfold when we take a chance at saying “yes” to our intuition’s guidance.  I wish you all the best in your growth and joy.


  1. Jesus offered her a welcoming presence and asked her a few good questions. He combined of his Presence of hospitality, and his intentional questions. This combination created a safe space for the Samaritan woman to open up, explore, and experience transformation in the depths of her inner life.

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